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Leland Cheung - Republican?

TL;DR - answer is no ...

Leland's opposition in the Democratic primary has accused him of formerly being a Tea Party Republican - before the Tea Party even existed! Democrats should compete on ideas and experience, not reward bad behavior. Leland's opponent has accused him of trying to keep it secret, despite all evidence to the contrary. Leland has never hidden from his past and has addressed it frequently in several public forums & news outlets.

Leland was raised Republican, but was not very political and didn't question his political views until he actually ran as a Republican. He believed in the values of putting working families first, but the socially regressive rhetoric ultimately dissuaded him and led him to realize that his values much more aligned with the Democratic party. While his opponents capitalize on this story by misrepresenting his past, this part of his life has made him a stronger Democrat. Leland has seen what's behind the curtain in states where Republicans are organized and knows that Massachusetts needs to lead by example. He wants to show the rest of the nation the potential of what's possible when Democratic values are put into action.

With a race that's expected to be close, voters should expect better than politics as usual. Since becoming a Democrat, with a proven track-record as one of the Cambridge City Council's most progressive, responsive, and productive members, Leland has shown that he's the be the best choice for State Senator. Through a blend of conviction, pragmatism, and consensus, Leland will work with the rest of the State Senate to help Massachusetts move in the right direction.

Leland has demonstrated that he has a unique ability to articulate our values, as detailed in a post on his work drafting the MassDem Party Platform. If you still have the 2013 convention book, look it up - Leland contributed more sections of the party platform than any other committee member:

Leland has already used his past as a Republican to help move progressive decisions forward in Cambridge:

It's come up every election Leland has won in Cambridge. Leland was attacked along with Elizabeth Warren in a front page story in the Herald in 2011, the first year Leland topped the ticket in one of the most heavily Democratic voting cities in the Commonwealth. That's because despite the attack, Leland's record spoke for itself:

Opponents have gone after Leland because the fact remains he's a candidate with an actual track record, not just talking points. Don't reward bad behavior; vote Leland Cheung for State Senate this THURSDAY, September 8th.

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