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Leland Cheung releases donor names, implores Senator Jehlen to do the same

Cambridge, MA - State Senate candidate Leland Cheung announced today that he will be releasing a list of his campaign donors monthly. In calling for greater transparency in our political process, he implores Senator Jehlen to do the same.

“In an era where money prioritizes special interest over people in our political process, I think it’s outrageous that we won’t know who is contributing to a candidate's campaign until 10 days before an election. We can and should do better. That is why once a month I’ll be releasing the names of my donors.” Cheung said. “Transparency is important for sustaining a healthy democracy and allows us to hold our elected officials accountable.”

When asked about Senator Jehlen, Cheung said:

“The facts are that since first running for State Senate 11 years ago, Senator Jehlen has raised more than a third of her itemized contributions from PACs and lobbyists and another $50,000 in unitemized contributions from donors whose names aren’t publicly available. It’s unacceptable that we don’t know who those donors are.” Cheung added “Going forward I hope Senator Jehlen will be more forthright about her donors and I hope she joins me in releasing donor information on a monthly basis.”

Leland Cheung is currently a 4th term City Councilor in Cambridge who is running for the State Senate in the 2nd Middlesex District, which represents Cambridge, Medford, Somerville and Winchester. A list of his campaign donors can be found here.


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